Deck Railings

TailorMade™ Deck and Stairway Railings are functional, beautiful and executed with perfection by Perfection®. Careful analysis of the deck and precise measurements aid in manufacturing each section to fit properly and exactly. Special attention is paid to the width of each section and the accuracy of the spacing between every baluster. We do not just cut back the ends to make a section fit, we engineer each section to fit and custom manufacture it to the project making our TailorMade™ Railing unique. The routing in the rails and posts are calculated to very close tolerances to ensure the quality of the details and eliminate loose gaping holes. Heavy-duty internal aluminum “A” channel reinforces both the top and bottom rails.

Whether you are a homeowner, designer, contractor, remodeler or builder, we invite you to take a close look at the exceptional quality of our many styles of ForeverVinyl™ deck rails. We know they will exceed your expectations and be a “forever” investment, adding lasting beauty and security.

Unparalleled excellence! Artistic radius rails follow the dramatic arc of the deck. The stairway parallels the radius construction with TailorMade™ railing for the helical stairway.

ForeverVinyl™ Railings

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Cellular Vinyl Railings

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