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T  he American flag waving over high is the final touch of perfection to your landscape. Accent its beauty with a strong maintenance free fiberglass flagpole, whether ground set or a wall mounted architectural outrigger. All our flagpoles feature polyester halyards and gold aluminum ball finials. Yardarms and gaffs are also available. Fiberglass flagpoles are lightweight with superior strength, non-conductive, non-corrosive, and rust proof. The structural design of the fiberglass maximizes the desired rigidity and axial strength, is load bearing and has verified deflection performance. Their stately beauty is enhanced with a classical entasis taper.

A statement of pride and patriotism waves on high from this magnificent flagpole. The 30 foot height is built to last.
Flag Poles - 145-a

This flagpole has a fiberglass yardarm attached to the pole with a two-piece aluminum color matched bracket. The halyard has brass snaps and a counterweight. An internal halyard is available on some models.
Flag Poles - 145-b Flag Poles - 145-c

The architectural outrigger is wall mounted with an aluminum outrigger truck and a fiberglass shaft. An optional gaff is available. It is bolted to a two-piece aluminum bracket which attaches the yardarm and gaff to the flagpole.
Flag Poles - 145-e Flag Poles - 145-f

Installation of a flagpole over 35 feet in height will require special equipment to lift the shaft to vertical. Flag Poles - 145-d

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